Visual Differentiation for Growing Markets

Sarah Azpeitia
Spotify’s Free and Paid Products division is in charge of identifying opportunities in markets where there is a high opportunity to increase subscribers. Sarah joined a team with a mission and a plan to make this happen.
Over 60M monthly active users in India experience Spotify in what is arguably distinct from western digital consumption and purchase habits. This represents one of the largest research based opportunities for the product team, filled with an array of cultural vantage points from which to experiment with. The challenge was to identify the spaces across all touchpoints in the experience where research based findings could be applied, tested, and measured for success.
Together with the project lead, Sarah worked on extending a visual-based exploration of the Premium brand as applied to a predefined strategic scope. Due to the ongoing nature of the project, no further details can be provided at the time.




Product Design


Senior Product Designer


5 months



Special thanks

Nick Dahl, Spencer Huddleston, Shamik Ray
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