Creating a New Generation of Content

Sarah Azpeitia
Refinery29 was the fastest growing lifestyle brand in the US and with it came content, editorial, and bespoke digital products with some of the most sought after brands and partners in the industry.
Product was an ever-evolving space which supported some of the best content sought after by over 1.2M unique daily visitors. A loyal and engaged reader-base represented opportunities for monetization through endemic and native advertising across the full content experience.
From homepages to collections, slideshows, articles, a brand redesign, and everything in between, Sarah was one of three product designers integral in delivering the highest standard of product design for all touchpoints of the media phenomenon leading up through a Series D $40M investment and further acquisition by Vice Media.




User Experience, Product Designer


UX Designer, Product Designer


4 years, 6 months



Special thanks

Sara Livengood, Dave Epstein, Aziz Hasan
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