Redefining Hotel Search in Southeast Asia

Sarah Azpeitia
Part of Booking group, Agoda is one of the the largest OTAs serving customers primarily throughout southeast Asia. Its internal CMS tools also serve Priceline and are used by thousands of property managers worldwide.
Agoda’s app needed a way to reduce the visual clutter it had become associated with, while still keeping a distinguishable architecture and easily identifiable language that represented various features within the accommodation market.
Sarah led a three team design sprint to explore new directions for the app product on an end-to-end user journey covering search, property, and checkout pages. In tandem, a rebrand was executed for the internal CMS tooling system for property management. The brand was designed with the intent to evolve the product into AI. Sarah presented results and led workshops with senior executives in the organization throughout the process.




Product Design, Brand Design


Design Lead, Art Director


1 year, 3 months



Special thanks

Tintin, Ali Lee, Chris Pak
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