Smoothing Spotify's design system

Matteo Pitassi
As of 2021, Spotify serves more than 45 platforms that are being maintained by over 3000 engineers and 400 designers. Matteo was hired to help laying the foundation for a new component library for iOS and Android.
Matteo lead the design of a team of 8 that was formed to answer for the growing sentiment among teams using Spotify's design system, who wanted more generic pre-built components in new programming languages for iOS and Android.
By Q1 2023 Matteo's team released more than 200 components for iOS, Android, and Figma, and they collaborated with +20 teams to make sure they could deprecate their ad-hoc components and migrate to those Matteo's team released. in 6 months, +40 teams created more than +400K instances of components in Figma.




Digital design systems


Senior product designer


1 year 5 months



Special thanks

Julianne Sombat
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