Aligning Zettle's UI across mobile platforms

Linn Svenningson
Zettle by PayPal (formerly iZettle) is a Swedish fintech company founded in 2010, offering a range of financial products such as a point-of-sales, partner SDK, card readers and mobile contactless payments tailored to small-to-medium businesses. Zettle was acquired by PayPal in 2018.
Zettles UI, on both iOS and Android, had not been updated for years. This resulted in the experience being notably different between platforms, as a fair amount of native patterns were used. We aimed for a recognisable design language that could adapt to multiple mobile platform requirements, and stable enough to keep up with increasingly faster changes in OS' interfaces.
By redesigning and refreshing only a few, repeatable components such as titles and list items, as well as introducing some new concepts on how we present data, we could impact a lot of the design with minimal efforts. These updates were platform agnostic as it would reduce time from design to implementation by not having to duplicate designs. The project was dubbed “platform consistency”, and was also used as an opportunity to make teams adopt more components, thus increasing adoption. The end result was an aligned experience no matter the platform, shorter time spent by designers and engineers and a high adoption of the design system.




Product Design


Senior Product Designer


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Malin Norrstrand Tobias Björsberg
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