Product & Design System Foundation Audit

Erik Friberg
Ingrid engaged me for a focused audit project with the objective of laying the groundwork for an effective design system, aimed at enhancing the future customer experience (CX) of their platform. This initiative was structured into three distinct phases, starting with a thorough examination of the existing product design.
My primary task was to conduct a detailed audit of Ingrid’s current product design across all user touchpoints. The challenge was to identify areas for improvement within their existing UX, ensuring that any proposed changes would contribute to a more unified and effective design system. This involved understanding Ingrid's needs for system unification and how it impacts the user journey.
The project culminated in a detailed report summarizing the findings from our comprehensive UX audit, which included insights from qualitative user interviews, internal discussions, and data analysis. This groundwork led to UX explorations that addressed service inconsistencies and aimed to simplify the user experience. Ultimately, I established the initial framework for Ingrid’s design system, setting the stage for future development with defined color, spacing, typography tokens, and core components.




Product Design Audit, User Experience Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Design System Strategy


Design System Consultant


4 months



Special thanks

Jarek Furmaniak & John Mattsson
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