Recreating Frøpt brand and e-commerce.

Aleksandra Mirocka
FRØPT is a leading Polish online brand that produces fronts and panels fitted to IKEA Metod kitchens and Pax wardrobes. In 2021 its founders reached out to me with the challenge of reshaping their entire brand ecosystem, their main selling funnel - a website, and a CRM platform.
After conducting wide and deep research in a highly polluted market and forming a new brand platform based on insights, I was able to build a coherent brand and visual communication guidelines and an entirely new website. It allowed FRØPT to grow, introduce new products to the offer, expand its operations on the foreign market, and distinguish itself from the competition.
I collaborated closely with FRØPT founders and the marketing team. My role was to bring tangible results and clear value as quickly as possible while developing the core assets hands-on, secure alignment, and quality assurance.




Brand design, Digital product design, Design strategy, E-commerce design, Service design


Design lead


12 months



Special thanks

Magdalena Milejska, Katarzyna Kurowska-Loedl
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