Establishing a robust design system for Kry

Erik Friberg
As a leading entity in Sweden's digital healthcare landscape, Kry has substantially eased the way patients connect with general practitioners. In my capacity as a Senior Product Designer, I spearheaded the initiative to unify and streamline Kry/Livi’s teams by establishing a strong design system.
The road to a seamless design system was riddled with challenges. A prevalent issue was the disconnect between designers and developers; both parties were unfamiliar with the workings of the existing systems, resulting in arbitrary limitations and discrepancies between design expectations and technical implementations. This misalignment led to extensive revision rounds, sapping time and resources.
To surmount these challenges, we instituted ‘Pace’, a unified design system aimed at bridging the gap between design and code. By conducting surveys and one-on-one interviews, we pinpointed pain points and tailored ‘Pace’ to address these directly. We ensured all components were production-ready and consistent across platforms, fostering a predictable and harmonious design-to-development transition.




Product Design, Design System Management, UI Library Maintenance, Workflow Enhancement, Cross-discipline Collaboration


Senior Product Designer (Design Systems)


2 years



Special thanks

Bengt Hammari, Teddy Derkert, Petter Säfwenberg, Andreas Berg, Fotini Loakeimidou, Ari Vaniderstine, Viki Bonzo, Joe Clifford, Daniel Crkvencic, Anders Malm, Emmanuel Garnier, Lasse Samuelsson, Niels Viberg Sønderbæk, João D. Moreira
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