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Erik Friberg
As one of Europe's leading fin-tech companies, Klarna has revolutionized online shopping with its smoooth payment solutions. However, transitioning into the US (and Australian) markets posed a challenge, given their strong preference for in-store shopping—a segment where Klarna needed to catch up with its well-established local competitors.
Klarna’s part payment options were facing stiff competition from local entities providing seamless in-store payment solutions. The challenge lay in transforming Klarna’s services to not just match but surpass the convenience and user-friendliness of these existing in-store alternatives. The goal was to ensure that Klarna’s products resonated with and were tailored to the unique preferences of the US audience.
To address this, we embarked on a comprehensive user research journey, conducting a mix of remote and in-person user tests across the United States. This approach allowed us to gather invaluable insights directly from our target audience, understand their specific needs, and identify areas for improvement in our in-store services. The findings were instrumental in tailoring Klarna’s offerings, ensuring they resonated well with the US consumers, and stood strong against the local competition. Today, Klarna’s daily app downloads surpass the closest competitor by 20% in the US. The US has also become Klarna’s largest market by revenue as of December 2022.




Product Design, User Research, User Experience Design, Usability Testing


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