Modernizing Blocket

Erik Friberg
In August 2016, when I joined the teams at Blocket Jobb and StepStone, it was evident that there was a pressing need for a design shift. Our platforms were showing their age, especially the mobile web experience. With Blocket, the parent company, on the verge of a significant rebrand and platform overhaul, the timing was perfect for a thorough design renewal.
The primary task at hand was to enhance the user experience across all touchpoints. The mobile web experience was notably poor, and addressing this became a priority. The impending rebrand at Blocket introduced additional layers of complexity to the task. It became evident that syncing our efforts with other teams was imperative. Recognizing the critical nature of this coordination, I took the initiative to gather and guide the creation of Blocket’s first real design system (Blocket UI).
To elevate the mobile web experience to par with the desktop version, we opted to revamp the entire web platform, transforming it into a modern, responsive experience. My role involved conducting thorough user research, which culminated in the creation of our first official product personas, providing a clear and focused direction for the team. I also implemented new workflows to optimize quality assurance and expedite release cycles, introducing tools for ongoing customer feedback and A/B testing. This was all done in tandem with managing Blocket Jobb’s transition during a major rebrand, overseeing the site and logotype redesign, and establishing Blocket’s inaugural joint design system. These strategic changes led to significant improvements in site usability and remarkable results: - Saved jobs increased by 164% YoY - Logged-in users rose by 77% MoM - A 33% increase in job ads inserted through the site (A/B) - A 66% increase in revenue per job ad, following a complete revamp of the ad insertion flow (A/B)


Blocket Jobb


User Experience Design, User Research, UI Design, Product Management, Product Analytics


Product Designer


2 years, 6 months



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