Building plugins for Wolt

Markus Kaarto, Puro Silavuori and I worked to extend what’s possible with Figma plugins for teams at Wolt, with the main objective of automating the boring parts of the design process.
Digital product design
Staff designer
6 months
For context, the common approach is for a designer to manually create specs, annotations and more, which is not only inefficient but very error prone due to the repetitiveness and volume of work.
Following Figma's mishandling of Dev Mode and the issues it caused to product teams across Wolt, Markus and I built a plugin that generates a spec sheet with a list of all the color styles, variables, and effects used within a selected frame, written in a code syntax useful to engineers when developing.
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"The plugin was able to save $180K a year in Dev Mode licences."
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After the specs plugin, Puro, Markus and I launched a series of plugins. One to test accessibility features like dynamic type, bold text and different screen sizes. And others to fix manual errors, like using a background color on a text element.
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We built 4 plugins in 6 months. The plugin to generate specs was able to save $180K a year in Dev Mode licences.
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