Designing work around what matters to you.

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Work alongside the most exciting brands in tech –on your terms.

At Samsen, we bring a fresh approach to work and life.  As one of the Samsen citizens you'll get to work with exciting clients and projects, on your terms. We offer freedom to take time off between projects, professional coaching, competitive salary, and being part of something great. We believe that work could be better. And we're doing something about it.

Adapt work to life, not the other way around.

Samsen is a unique consultancy born in search of more freedom, context, and growth in everyday life.

In most organisations work is still designed around an assumed linear growth path. But we believe that people's lives are more dynamic than that, and do not always align with the traditional structure of today's organisations.

We have a different approach, we adapt work to life — by designing work to fit each individual's needs.

We believe that our citizens are best suited to make their own decisions. To design their working experience, by choosing how and when they want to work, as well as which clients they feel passionate about working with.

We simply give them the tools to realize their dreams, and help enable them.


In order to achieve the goals we've set out for ourselves, we need people with similar ambitions. Not only great practitioners, but visionaries with the motivation to build a new type of company and to challenge the fundamental notion of what work should be.